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  • Retire Wells(this page)
  • Rich Way Plus

  • Retire Wells Annuity  Insurance A financing strategy for happy retirement Retire Well will help you get started
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  • The best way to reduce your taxes
    Retire Well Insurance can cut your tax by up to KRW 4 million through income tax deduction. Retire Well is a great insurance product for employees, professionals, and business owners.
  • Stability after retirement
    Are you still worried about your retirement but don’t know where to start? Now that the average retirement is much longer, it is important to start early. Retire Well claims profitability with its compound rate of interest!
  • claims paid that suits your lifestyle
    Choose the claims paid method that best suits your circumstances and lifestyle. Choose a conventional annuity if you prefer to make the same payment every year. We recommend the gradual increase option for customers who are concerned about the rate of inflation.
  • Flexible financing and the benefit of maturity repayment
    Pay an additional premium when you have extra income at any time. When the premium paying period is over you will receive maturity repayment separate from the pension.
  • Coverage for injury and diseases
    Annuity insurance has had limited coverage of risks up until now.
    Retire Well claims against injury, diseases, nursing, and other life risks.
  • Retire Wells
  • Rich Way Plus(this page)

  • Rich Rich Way Plus Savings Insurance Happy financing for a better family life! Rich Way Plus Savings Insurance will help you achieve your goals!
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  • Select the product that most suits your needs
    Rich Way Plus Savings Insurance claims a high yield in times of low interest.
    Your payments will be fully refunded with added interest. Injury and risk coverage is an option.
  • Enjoy our benefits
    Get yourself claimd for injury, golf, expenses, damage liability and more while financing.
  • Flexible and convenient capital management
    Pay more when you have extra income. When you need cash, withdraw up to 12 times a year. You can also suspend the premium payment for a set period if your economic situation becomes unstable. Additional payment, interim payment, and suspension of payment allow flexible and convenient financing.