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  • Hilife Fire(this page)
  • Dwelling House Fire

  • Hilife Fire Insurance Protect your property and your neighbor’s! Hilife fire insurance is the perfect safety net
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  • It is mandatory that multiplex available premises should subscribe to insurance which covers liability for damages by fire.
    According to the Special Act on Safety Management for multiplex available premises, all multiplex available premises must subscribe to insurance which covers liability for damages by fire. Hilife Fire Insurance will insure all your liability that occurs to your business management. Special Act on Safety Management for multiplex available premises

    Mandatory establishments: snack bars, restaurants, delicatessens, game service providers, PC cafes, bars, night clubs, theaters, video rooms, small theaters, indoor screen golf clubs, massage parlors, shooting ranges, distribution and game service providers, karaoke bars, postnatal care centers, guesthouses, phone room/video chat rooms, lodges, cola tech, academies, public bathhouses

  • Protect your own property as well as your neighbor’s!
    Get insurance for fire, collapse, subsidence, landslides, explosions, ruptures and more. We claim your precious assets. The insurance covers liability for damages sustained by neighboring lots.
  • Headache-free fire insurance
    Think of the restoration costs and penalty fee after a fire!
    Hilife Fire Insurance covers penalty fees and restoration expenses.
  • Various benefits on premium
    - Accumulation of 0.3% of the gross premium when subscribing for a factory/commercial building
       and residence together
    - Accumulation of 0.2% of the gross premium for long-term installments over three years
    - Accumulation of 1% of the gross premium for long-term property insurance subscribers
  • Hilife Fire
  • Dwelling House Fire(this page)

  • Dwelling House Fire Insurance No home is safe from the danger of fire! Keep your home safe with a comprehensive Dwelling House Fire Insurance product!
  • Icon House Fire

  • Practical coverage for Dwelling House Fire
    Get coverage for direct damage such as fires, explosions, and ruptures and indirect losses such as firefighting charges and shelter expenses.
  • Claim for handling expenses
    Cover the expense of clearing debris, cleaning, hiring cars and much more. Our insurance has all these expenses covered.
  • Various subscriber options
    Choose the type of insurance that suits you best whether your home is an apartment, villa or townhouse. You can cover your building, household items, or both.
  • Reasonable insurance premiums for home owners and tenants
    Opt for the no-refund insurance plan with a reasonable premium. Protect your building and your tenant’s property.