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  • Good and Good Children’s CI(this page)
  • Perfect N
  • Continuous payment Cancer
  • One hundred age long term care

  • Good and Good Children’s CI Insurance Like a caring mother thinks of her child Good and Good CI insurance, the choice of ten million mothers
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  • Concentrated coverage of common CI (Critical Illnesses) among children
    Malignant tumors are the number one cause of death among children. Good and Good CI Insurance covers common critical illnesses. One in every five children is insured by Good and Good Children CI Insurance. We have been chosen by ten million mothers all over Korea. Protect your child with Good and Good Children’s CI.

    Common critical illnesses among children include multiple childhood cancer (leukemia, cancers of the central nervous system, malignant lymphoma), severe burns and lesions, four major disabilities (sight, hearing, speech, mental disability), organ transplant, stem cell transplantation, benign encephaloma, heart-related childhood diseases (Kawasaki disease accompanied by heart complications, rheumatism accompanied by damaged valves), bacterial meningitis, insulin dependent diabetes, open chest heart surgery.

  • Provides various claims that are necessary for your children
    The insurance covers critical illnesses and a wide range of other diseases and risks including cancer, diabetes, bone fractures, malocclusion, and stress disorders. We have put together an optimum product to support children and their growth.
  • Coverage of costly dental work for all ages
    Good and Good Children CI insurance covers dental work for preservation treatment for baby teeth and/or permanent teeth, and prosthesis treatment for permanent teeth. With a clause for the extraction of permanent teeth you can cover both preservative treatment and prosthetic treatment.
  • More education opportunities for your children
    Private education could cost much more than you anticipated. Our interim payment policy allows you to make a withdrawal so that you can give your children the education they deserve.
  • Longer coverage period for your loving children
    Purchase a realistic insurance product that caters to your needs. We have a good variety of premium paying periods that will cover you from cradle to grave.
  • Discounts for large families
    Get a 1% discount on your insurance premium if you have two siblings on your family registration certificate or 3% if you have more than three.
  • Good and Good Children’s CI
  • Perfect N(this page)
  • Continuous payment Cancer
  • One hundred age long term care

  • Perfect N General Insurance Dodge every danger for a happier life Perfect N General Insurance will see you through!
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  • Covering up to age 110
    Korea’s average life expectancy is 77 years for men and 83 years for women. Soon the average will reach 100. Perfect N General Insurance has you covered until the age of 110. (Applies to certain insurance mortgages only.)
  • Customize your insurance with our all-round insurance
    Death and disability, diagnosis, hospitalization, surgery, expenses, excessive medical care, property risk, damage liability and much more! Put together an insurance plan that works for you.
  • More claim of insurance over cancer diagnosis costs
    A one-time only cancer diagnosis claim is not enough.
    Make sure you are covered for the costs of a second primary cancer diagnosis.
  • Reasonable insurance premiums through planning
    Choose a coverage period (3, 5, 10, 15 years) for major injury and disease insurances to lower the premium. Get better coverage and compensation during your most productive years. (Excludes excessive medical care costs.)
  • Be exempted if you suffer from a stress disorder
    You can be exempt from paying the premium if 80% of your claims paid has been spent on dealing with a stress disorder caused by injury or disease during the premium paying period. The exemption will apply to the insurance premium, including that of clauses, and full coverage will continue during the premium paying period. (This does not apply to excess medical treatment costs.)
  • Discounts for married couples
    Get a 1% discount on the gross premium by subscribing with your spouse.
  • Good and Good Children’s CI
  • Perfect N
  • Continuous payment Cancer(this page)
  • One hundred age long term care

  • Continuous payment Cancer insurance Prepare for metastatic cancer and recurring cancer with one insurance policy! Our cancer insurance has you covered until the day you feel well!
  • Icon Hospital

  • Claim for recurrent cancer diagnosis
    We claim every recurrent cancer two years after the initial cancer diagnosis.
    ※ We do not claim cancer diagnosed within two years of the initial claims paid)
  • Choose a product that fits your financial situation
    If you prefer to pay less, subscribe to our renewable insurance. If you would like to be covered throughout a premium paying period without any changes in the premium, choose our expiry age option.
  • Be exempt from insurance premiums in the event of a stress disorder
    If more than 80% of your injury and/or disease claims paid has been spent on stress disorder treatment, you will be exempt from paying the premium.
    All premiums, both current and those of renewable insurances, will be exempt.
  • Good and Good Children’s CI
  • Perfect N
  • Continuous payment Cancer
  • One hundred age long term care(this page)

  • One hundred age long term care Insurance It is said that average life expectancy will reach 100 in the near future. Prepare your retirement with our nursing insurance product!
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  • Customizing to fit your needs
    Customize your insurance from early treatment expenses and monthly nursing expenses
  • Dementia is dangerous even when you are young
    - a preparation is needed
    There were 5,257 Alzheimer’s sufferers under the age of 65 in Korea in 2005. That number had doubled by 2010. Alzheimer’s is spreading among younger patients. Prepare yourself by taking out insurance.
  • Be covered up to the age of 100 with the same premiumcancer diagnosis costs
    Non-renewable insurance policies last until you are 100. Pay the same premium for the entire time.
  • No more complicated standards!
    Easy and simple claims paid process!
    Receive claims paid if you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by public long-term care insurance depending on its progression
  • Great discount benefits
    -1% discount on gross premium for spouses who subscribe
    -1% discount on gross premium for clients who subscribe by proxy on behalf of their parents
    -1% discount on premium for payment by automatic withdrawal