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  • Hicar Automobile(this page)
  • Power Eco Driver

  • Continuous payment Cancer insurance No home is safe from the danger of fire! Keep your home safe with a comprehensive Dwelling House Fire Insurance product!
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  • The Premium Guarantee Service that Finds You!
    Hicar has been ranked number one on the GCSI (Global Customer Satisfaction Index) for eight consecutive years, and has been chosen as the number one KNPS (Customer Recommended Company)! Quick, efficient, and precise, our quality services are at your service no matter
    where you are.
  • Various discount benefits
    - Save up to 13.2% with our Eco Mileage clauses if you drive less
    - Save up to 8.7% with no driving day clauses if you don’t drive on a certain weekday
    - Get a KRW 10,000 ~ 70,000 discount for purchasing used parts in the event of an accident with
       our Eco Points Reward clauses
    - Save 3% with Blue Link / UVO clauses by installing Blue Link or UVO
    - Get a KRW 1,000 discount by receiving our insurance policy by email with our Hicar Green clauses
  • Emergency Service for unexpected situations
    Have you ever been stranded on the road because your car broke down? Have you run out of gas or got a flat tire in the middle of a trip? Call our customer center or use our smart phone app to apply for our emergency service. You will be assisted by our staff wherever you are.
    Guide to our Emergency Service Charging batteries,Emergency gas,Opening locked cars,Tire exchange,Emergency towing,Emergency rescue
  • Special service for female drivers
    We offer special services for all female clients who subscribe to Hicar Automobile insurance.
    - Emergency care service for situations on the road
    - Our staff will accompany you to the police station in the event of an accident
    - Receive claims paid as soon as the evaluation is confirmed when subscribed to our clauses
    - Receive various daily goods and car safety products upon subscribing to our clauses
    - Take driving classes especially designed for women, a service exclusive to Hicar
  • Hicar Automobile
  • Power Eco Driver(this page)

  • Power Eco Driver’s Insurance A reliable partner for safe driving Power Eco Driver’s Insurance will be your navigator to safety!
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  • Coverage over essential policies for drivers
    Power Eco Driver’s Insurance is a powerful driver’s insurance that covers all essential driving expenses.
  • From cycling to golf, claim your outdoor activities
    Are you afraid every time you take your bicycle outside for a ride?
    Power Eco Driver’s Insurance can be converted to bike insurance without any of the usual car driver expenses. You can also apply for extra accident coverage while playing golf or other sports.
  • An insurance plan for everybody
    Get insurance for your company car and private car. Cover your spouse and children by subscribing together.
  • Make a withdrawal when you need cash
    You can get an interim payment without canceling the contract and without compensating your insurance coverage.
  • Various discounts
    - 1% discount on gross premium when you subscribe to Hicar Automobile insurance
    - 9% discount on initial premium for receiving security and policy via email
    - 1% discount on gross premium for one year for drivers who have had no accidents in the past ten
       years and bike insurance subscribers