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Environment Management

Status of Energy Consumption Management and Reduction

With energy saving becoming an important issue, Hyundai Insurance has initiated various activities to prevent the unnecessary usage of energy and promote the practice of environment-friendly energy saving initiatives.
Hyundai Insurance has thoroughly complied with environmental policies and guidelines on the basis of our code of ethics and environmental laws and regulations.
Therefore, we have not breached any of those policies, guidelines, laws and regulations.

Energy Saving Guidelines

In line with national efforts to conserve energy in this time of high oil prices and dwindling supplies, Hyundai Insurance enforces energy saving guidelines each year.
The guidelines provide instructions on measures to minimize the waste of energy within the company and conserve energy to help protect the environment.
The company will continue implementing the guidelines, along with additional energy-related policies in the future.

Energy Saving Guidelines
Channel Details Note
Employee Participation R
  • Turn off computers and other power consuming products
  • Remove power plugs when charging is complete
  • Refrain from using personal air conditioners and heaters
  • Use the stairs for the 3rd floor and below
  • Close blinds during the sunlight
  • Including when absent from work for a long time
  • 35% increase in blocking external heat
Supplies Management
  • Encourage the use of reusable paper
  • Refrain from using paper cups
  • Reduce the use of color printers
  • Save various supplies
  • Use reusable paper for meeting data and short reports
  • Disposable hygiene cups and personal cups
  • Use black and white printers
Building Management
  • Reduce building lightening time
  • Adjust automatic lights-out time at offices
  • Reduce billboard lights-on time for buildings and rented offices
  • Maintain appropriate temperature inside the office (including rented offices)
  • Stop operating E/Vs for the second and third floors
  • Keep the lights off at all times
  • Current interval 1hour → 30 minutes
  • From sunset to 23:00
  • 25 degrees (Celsius) in summer, 20 degrees in winter
  • Excludes companies located only on the 3rd floor
Vehicle Management
  • Restrict use of cars for business purposes in Seoul
  • Educate on how to save oil while driving
  • Use subways and public transport
  • Person who makes operation intervals for business-use cars, room for drivers

Hyundai Insurance Research Center

Climate changes resulting from global warming cause natural disasters such as storms, heavy snow falls, droughts, and floods, and lead to severe losses in terms of human life and financial properties.
These changes also affect the ecosystem and human life, often causing outbreaks of infectious diseases that are hard to control. Hyundai Insurance recognizes this as a crisis and an opportunity at the same time, and is taking proactive measures through its newly established Hyundai Insurance Research Center.
The company is the industry's first to operate such a research facility.

Hyundai Insurance Research Center
Subjects Details
Risk management regarding natural disasters
  • Establish hazard map and CAT model
  • Analyze present and future risks
Response measures to climate change
  • Analyze related laws and regulations
  • Research trends and collect data
Customer service
  • Develop training and consulting programs
  • Support of customized weather services
New business opportunities
  • Research products related to climate change
  • Research financial reinsurances

Products and Services Contributing to Environmental Protection

Hyundai Insurance's commitment to environment protection is manifested in its new products, such as Hi-Life Power Eco Driver's Insurance, Hi Relief Bicycle Casualty Insurance, and Storm and Flood Insurance.