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Society Contribution

  • Social Contribution Directives & Organization Chart(this page)
  • Community Service Activities

Social Contribution Directives

Dedicated to fulfilling social responsibilities befitting our corporate stature and business characteristics, we proactively engage in various social contributions and volunteer programs.
As we are closely connected to local communities in our business activities, we maintain on going programs rather than engaging in sporadic or one-off events.
The HiLife Volunteer Corps helps spread cultural benefits throught out society with unique activities such as ceramic art classes, visits to in-door playgrounds, musical shows, and grocery shopping services for imobilized senior citizens.
In addition, we offer donations, conduct traffic safety campaigns and develop socially responsible products and services.

Organization Chart

For organized social contribution activities, we have established the Hi Life Volunteer Corps and Calamity/Disaster Committee under the control of the CEO. With executives assuming the chief and chair positions at each of our headquarters and at the regional division level, all our employees actively participate in social contribution programs.

  • Social Contribution Directives & Organization Chart
  • Community Service Activities(this page)


School Violence Prevention Program 'A Very Minor Confession'

"A Very Minor Confession" is a program to 'listen' to any problem teenagers may have with school or home through a variety of channels such as email, text message or postcard.
In many cases, minds can be healed with little difficulty as long as there is someone who is willing to listen and give a comforting word. The program has been run since May last year by Hyundai Marine & Fire in partnership with the 'Ministry of Education' and 'the Foundation for Preventing Youth Violence'.

"T-um" Classroom

This is a character education program for youths prepared in response to the rising incidence of youth suicide, depression, and school violence.
Through the program, we intend to instill the youths with love for themselves and others while nurturing their sociability so that they can grow up to be adults with healthy and sound minds and exercise good judgment.

Social Reform/Change

Support to 'Ashoka'

Hyundai Marine & Fire has become a founding partner in the Ashoka Foundation Korea, the Korean office of a world-renowned non-profit organization nurturing social entrepreneurship "Ashoka : Innovators for the Public."
We are fully in agreement with the foundation's philosophy of helping those who take action to change the world; and we are committed to supporting the world's largest social entrepreneurship network so that our world can indeed change for the better.

Traffic Safety/Street Safety

Female Drivers' School

Started in 1997, the Female Drivers' School offers free training to female drivers in basic auto maintenance skills and emergency measures.
In 2011, we increased the number of classes to 11 sessions per year from four in the previous year, and started offering the classes in cities other than Seoul. So far, approximately 3,600 female drivers completed training in 92 sessions.
The company is continuing its effort to develop practical services that help female drivers.

Hi-Mom 119

Hi-Mom 119 has been organized to give safety tips to begginers who are inexperienced in caring for small children.
The program administers the moms first-aid and CPR training and other emergency measures when a child is injured or in other dangerous situations.

Walking School Bus

Hyundai Insurance participates in the Walking School Bus campaign that began in September 2010.
This is a traffic safety campaign for children set up by the alliance of Citizens United for Safety and 17 other civic groups.
Hyundai is the only corporate participant from the private sector.
The company provides financial support and donations in kind, and Hi-Life Volunteers participate in the campaign as traffic safety helpers.
We also produced the School Zone Safety Map to distribute to elementary schools to be used as a guide to safe commuting for children.
The company will continue its contribution to traffic safety in Korea, continue research on issues related to children's safety and sustain its participation in related campaigns.

Safe Traffic Campaign

Dedicated to raising traffic safety awareness among drivers and preventing car accidents, we spend KRW 300 million annually setting up traffic statistics signboards displaying instructions for accident prevention.
We also sponsor a radio broadcasting campaign in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Safety Lamps at Business

We installed safety lamps at crosswalks in bustling areas, helping to protect pedestrians at night.
The company has installed 860 safety lamps across Korea since 1988, with an annual budget of 1.2 billion won assigned to the project.

Community Activity/Public Interest

Hi-Life Volunteer Corps

As members of the Hi Life Volunteer Corps, all our employees participate in community service programs at least once a year. Since its establishment in 2005, Hi Life Volunteers are helping 22 homes for the disabled, senior citizens and children, with activities such as bathing, cleaning, outings and cooking. Beginning in 2011, the Corps is participating in environmental service activities in seven national parks in Korea.

Odds & Ends Love Movement (Helping Bereaved Children of Traffic Accidents)

We sponsor teenagers who have lost their parents in car accidents or whose parents are unable to support their family due to a car accident.
Since November 1996, donations under KRW 1,000 were taken from the monthly payrolls of employees to raise funds. However, in May 2005, this was increased to under KRW 2,000.
With an annual budget of KRW 50 million, the fund provides scholarships every month as well as giving presents to beneficiaries on occasions such as birthdays, festive days and Children's Day.
We also run summer camps and pay regular visits to help children with daily activities.

Sharing as a Corporate Culture

Since 2003, the company has participated in the annual Beautiful Store Marketplace of Sharing event, where employees contribute goods to a bazaar with all the proceeds going to those in need.
In addition, the CEO and other executives participate in Love Fuel Delivery program every winter, where briquettes are delivered to people needing fuel for heating.
The company also supports the Call for Senior Citizens and Rice of Love programs to lend a helping hand to the most unprivileged in society


During 2010-2011, the company made donations to various social programs and charities, including World Vision, Lunchbox of Love program, the Hope 2010 Sharing Campaign and the Salvation Army.
We also made donations to research institutes, athletic organizations, concerts and art museums. Our commitment even reaches those in need overseas.
The company made donations of 100,000 U.S. dollars to be used to help earthquake victims in Haiti in January 2010, and 10 million yen to the Japan Red Cross through our branch in Japan to help victims of the 2011 earthquake.