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Sustainability Management

  • Philosophy & Vision(this page)
  • Sustainability Management System
  • Stakeholder Communications

Management Philosophy

Based on our highest value of customer satisfaction, Hyundai Insurance's management philosophy is to become a business that faithfully fulfills its economic, social and environmental responsibilities to stakeholders.
Hence, under such as philosophy, Hyundai Insurance is promoting balanced development in economic, social and environmental areas through corporate activities and value creation.

Management Philosophy

Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Company leads the financial services industry with creative mind and strong leadership.
We place our customers at the center in all business transactions, and create happiness for our families and prosperity for the company to contribute to the healthy economy in the country and the world.

Vision System

Hi 2015 represents Hyundai Insurance's vision and resolve to achieve sustainable business operations through best quality, customer satisfaction, and contribution to society

The Leading Insurance Company Delivering the Best Customer Service
Best Services
Best quality insurance products
Unique, back-to-basics insurance services
Improve quality of life for customers
Grow with Customers
Customers as business partners
Provide security for society
Fulfill responsibilities to the community
Sustainable Growth
Growth strategy based on principles
Explore new growth opportunities
  • Philosophy & Vision
  • Sustainability Management System(this page)
  • Stakeholder Communications

Sustainability Management System

Hyundai Insurance's sustainability management system focuses on the practical implementation of the company's long-term vision and core values.

First, we think of "doing the right thing."

Since the insurance business provides assurance against possible risks in the future, the company's long-term risk management is more important than immediate profitability. Also, ethics and integrity are the foundation of our business operations.

Second, we focus on efficiency.

A company cannot maintain growth without consistent efforts at innovation and improvement.
Efficiency is the tool to achieve effective innovation, and ultimately to secure maximum value creation for shareholders.

Third, we put customers first.

Customers are the most influential stakeholder for a company. Sustainability only can be achieved when customers are satisfied, and the company continues to produce new products and services that accommodate customers' ever-changing needs.

Fourth, we support our local community and environment.

A company is like a tree that grows on the land of the local community, with its roots deep in the soil to absorb all kinds of essential nutrients. In order to sustain itself, the company must recognize the local community as an important stakeholder and do its best to support the community's growth and development. Such efforts include activities for environmental protection.

Fifth, we believe in our people.

Human resources development is very important for a company's creative business operation. Our management principles are based on the best practices of talent recruitment and management

Sustainability Strategy
Doing the right thing : Risk management, Business ethics
Efficiency : Innovation, Maximum shareholder value
Customers first : Customer satisfaction
People management : Employees, HiPlanners
Support for local community : Partnership, Social responsibility,environment

Sustainability Strategy established on 3 steps that are Management Philosophy Permanent concept, Vision (Long-term goals) and Sustainability Strategy Action plans.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report View
Year PDF Download
2019 ~ 2020 PDF Download
2017 ~ 2018 PDF Download
2014 ~ 2016 PDF Download
2012 ~ 2013 PDF Download
2010 ~ 2011 PDF Download


  • Philosophy & Vision
  • Sustainability Management System
  • Stakeholder Communications(this page)

Stakeholder Communications

Hyundai Insurance provides various channels of communication with the company's stakeholders, including customer satisfaction surveys, meetings with partner companies, HiPlanner satisfaction surveys, and various employee questionnaires. We do our best to make sure each communication format best accommodates the characteristics of the stakeholder, and reflect various opinions in our decision making.
The directions of Hyundai Insurance's sustainability management are formed based on opinions gathered through these communication channels.

Stakeholder Communication Channels

Stakeholder Description Communication Channel
  • Insurance policy holding individual and company
  • Everyone with an interest in the health and safety of individuals and businesses
Hi-VOC system, Thanks VOC honorary employee system, CS HotLine system, Chief CustomerOfficer(CCO), Day of Meeting Excellent Customers, Happy Call
  • Holders of stocks issued by Hyundai Insurance
  • Constituents of the general shareholders' meeting, the highest decision making body
General shareholders' meeting, Board of Directors' meeting, IR, disclosures on homepage, online disclosures, EV(Embedded Value) evaluation reporting event
Executives and employees
  • Internal executives and employees
  • Groups that try to improve the company's reliability and credibility
Hi-Day, Harmony Day, Into the Site, VOE(Voice Of Employee) forum, sales support meeting, compliment system, CS forum, Hi vision center, On-site service experience system
Hi Planners
  • Persons in charge who play the important role of linking Hyundai Insurance with customers at the point of contact
  • Non-life insurance consulting experts handling customized insurance services, financial analysis, and risk consulting, etc.
Cyber training center, financial consulting cyber course, Hi Planner sales support call center, GA management support system, HI Planner satisfaction survey, CS star award, Year's best award
Partner companies
  • Loss Adjustment Companies, hospitals and auto maintenance companies that handle accidents, and damage inspections in relation to claims payments
  • Companies related to support operations, such as purchasing and IT, etc
Ethical management theme activation, CS education, Civil complaint prevention education, Cyber complaint room, Meetings with claims company
Local and Social Organizations
  • Groups that share in social activities in connection with Hyundai Insurance
  • Social & environmental organizations and government & public institutions in local communities
Hi-Life voluntary group, WE A JA sharing market, women driver's
class, various campaigns, homepage