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Partner Companies

Composition of Partner Companies

Our partner companies consist of claims partners, customer support partners, and others, providing various functions and forming a unique relationship with us.
Our claims partners are loss appraisal professionals, law firms providing legal services, and HiCar Plaza providing various services related to automobiles. Our customer support partners are parties providing services directly to our customers, such as healthcare providers, auto repair and maintenance shops, and rental car companies. Other partners provide us with general services and products, including IT products and services, office supplies, and other equipments.
Hyundai Insurance is well aware of the long-term consequences of such partnership practices, especially the negative effects to the whole of society resulting from one partner pursuing single-sided profits or being overly competitive with regards to its partners. That is why we focus on fairness in selecting, evaluating, and supporting our partners, and pursue mutual growth and prosperity based on healthy partnerships

Support for Win-Win Partnership

The focus of Hyundai Insurance's partnership policy is on collaboration and mutual growth.
HiCar Plaza, a good partner providing automobile repair and maintenance services, provides the best quality services for emergency roadside assistance to Hyundai auto insurance customers.
In return, Hyundai Insurance provides HiCar with expertise in customer complaint handling, ethical management theme activities, and CS training.
Hyundai Insurance used fair and objective criteria to select its partnering auto repair service providers, which provide non-emergency services such as auto-repair training and free safety checkups, and emergency services including towing and warranty repairs. Hyundai Insurance implemented a certification system for its partnering auto repair service providers in November 2011, as a part of marketing support for the partners.
The company also conducted joint workshops with auto repair partners to publish a "Guide to Standard Auto Repair Procedures," which is now adopted by all auto repair partners to improve efficiency and ensure transparency in repair cost calculation.
Hyundai Insurance utilizes PRM (Partner Relationship Management) systems to effectively collaborate with its partners.
Customized based on joint efforts with partner companies to accommodate the characteristics of individual partner specializations, such as healthcare, auto repair, disposing of destructed auto parts, loss appraisal, and legal services, PRM systems provide convenient functions to help increase value creation in the partnerships. We believe that PRM systems will play an important role in maximizing partnership satisfaction and promoting growth for Hyundai and its partners together.

Communication with Partners

We have more than one conference session per year with our partner loss appraiser, where two parties exchange opinions and jointly establish strategy to improve efficiency. We also implement quarterly preview sessions with our partner legal service provider, to communicate business information and discuss growth strategy. With HiCar Plaza, we jointly host annual the "Hi Car Family Festival" to recognize and reward employee contributions with an award ceremony, and conduct conferences by local region.
The company appoints a claims manager for each local region to work with auto repair partners and healthcare providers, providing a one-stop contact point for customers and consistent communication channels for partners.