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Hi Planners

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Hi Planners

Hi Planners are our sales family and are responsible for insurance sales and customer relationship management. As key partners of Hyundai Insurance in its economic, social and environmental business performances, Hi Planners are insurance sales agents with industry-leading competences in responding to the rapidly changing financial environment.
The insurance service has evolved into a total asset management service in step with developments in regulations, fierce market competition and diversification of customer needs.
Consequently, the role of Hi Planners has expanded from providing insurance policies and consulting services to that of comprehensive asset management consulting throughout the entire life cycle of our customers.

Hi Planner Growth Roadmap
Financial Consultant
Since Apr. 2006, Financial consulting services in consideration of coverage and use of funds
HI-Wealth Manager
Since Apr. 2008, Financial consulting service in consideration of coverage, use of funds and taxation
Strategy Consultant
Oct. 2009, Advanced training course on financial consulting
Hi Dream Consulting
Oct. 2010, Training of core consulting skills
Total Asset Management Planner
Future total asset management consulting

Mutual Growth with Competence Building

Recognizing systematic support of training and skills development as the foundation of Hi Planner growth, Hyundai Insurance provides systematic education programs for Hi Planners competence building and ultimately to foster Hi Planners as total asset management experts capable of providing comprehensive financial consulting services.
The training programs are customized to accommodate Hi Planners at all levels, and the Cyber Training Center is utilized to provide fundamental training regarding product information and basic sales skills.
In addition to the previous content on insurance benefits, investment capital formation, and tax details, the company newly implemented Hi Dream Consulting training during 2010-2011, focusing on skills of comprehensive financial consulting.

Training and Support for Specialized Certifications

Hyundai Insurance encourages Hi Planners to develop the skills of total asset management and acquire specialized certifications in financial consulting.
The company provides preparation courses for AFPK, CFP and insurance actuary certifications, for Hi Planners and employees. A growing number of Hi Planners are trained to get certified, and the company has more insurance experts than any other company in the industry. As proved by specialized certificates, Hi Planners maintain skills and capabilities to provide high quality total financial consulting services, as well as customized products and services to accommodate customer needs.

  • Competence Building
  • Support System(this page)
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Support System for Mutual Growth

Hi Planner Benefits

We offer various benefits for Hi Planners to support the improvement of the work environment and enhance quality of life.
The company provides a fund to purchase a laptop computer to newcomers to help improve efficiency, and reimbursement of costs regarding certifications to encourage skills development for those wishing to become a total asset management consultant.
Other benefits include cash gifts for special occasions and family celebrations, support for children's school tuition fees, and annual health checkups. As a part of the company's policy supporting the right work-life balance for Hi Planners, we operate Kids Camp programs, a special learning opportunity for Hi Planners' children to learn foreign languages and global cultures.
Beginning in 2011, the company also provides discounts on mobile and paper gift certificates.

Sales Support

To prevent accidents in the course of business activities by Hi Planners, we have adopted the industrial disaster compensation insurance for Hi Planners under the governing laws since 2008.
In addition, we have established support systems in order to provide a convenient work environment. Direct e-mail, e-mail, SMS and various channels are in operation for systematic customer relationship management.
The total consulting system enables customized planning according to the lifecycles of our customers.
We also have constructed a mobile infrastructure in order to improve the working environment and work process speed.
The Hi-Learn system provides online preparation courses for product, claim and certificate tests.
The Knowledge Center accumulates and provides work information, facilitating all work processes, while Hi-cast, the in-house broadcasting system, is a communication channel for sharing sales know-how, benchmarking information and updates with financial and taxation information.
In addition, the company provides information regarding high-potential customers to assist Hi Planners in new market development. In 2011, the company constructed the "Application Virtual System" that enables Hi Planners to replace laptop computers with light-weight and compact tablet devices to use mobile sales functions

Support for Agencies

General agents have demonstrated a growth trend recently.
Therefore, we provide them with exclusive products that allow customized planning with the largest portion of collateral, such as the Non Dividend Hi Life Perfect Star Total Insurance.
We also created an exclusive system that provides total solutions for insurance policy portfolios for the individual, as well as sales track records, statistics, commissions and customer relationship management. We also run separate training courses for customers.

  • Competence Building
  • Support System
  • Communication(this page)

Communication with Hi Planners

Communication Channels

Hi Planners participate in developing new products and services, improving systems and processes and setting CS management strategies by making suggestions through work systems.
They can also make suggestions to improve products and services through the Hi Planner Suggestion Plaza and Product Development Pre-Hearing, as well as discuss the directions of CS management strategies at the Customer Satisfaction Council and CS Hall Meetings.
The Hi Planner Suggestion Plaza receives an average of 156 suggestions every quarter. These suggestions are reflected in our development of products and services and improvement of systems and processes. The Hi Planner Satisfaction Survey on back-office support and training systems helps us improve our partner collaboration systems.

Communication Channels for Hi Planners
Communication Channels for Hi Planners
Channel Description
Customer Satisfaction Council Meetings between representatives of Hyundai Insurance and partners to develop CS policies and improve CS operations in support of CS management practices
Hi Planner Suggestion Plaza Delivering the opinions of those in the field with regard to improvements and demands, building communities with Hi Planners and improving work efficiency Motivating CS practices and improving overall CS practices by publicizing praise
Hi Planner Praise Plaza Motivating CS practices and improving overall CS practices by publicizing praise
CS Star System Instilling the importance of CS and pride in Hi Planners through incentives
Smart Sales Support System Improving sales performance with mobile sales environment Providing convenient access to sales support functions and contract database
Hi Planner Sales Support Call Center Enhancing customer convenience by providing Hi Planner Field Support services and speedy support for sales activities

Hi Planner Satisfaction Surveys

Introduced in 1999, the Hi Planners satisfaction survey helps us better understand current business practices and how to improve partner satisfaction and partner support and training programs.