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  • Human Resource Development(this page)
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Communication with Employees

HRD Vision

Hi People

Hi People with
	Outstanding Creativity,Hi People with Good Communication Skills And an Open Mind,Hi People with Strong Resolve

Employee Training System
  • Leadership Training
    Leadership training courses are customized to each job position, including Management Strategy Seminars for executive officers above department manager level and Leadership Pipeline programs for newly promoted individuals and refresher training courses for employees at each level. In addition, the Global Competency program at overseas locations is offered to third-year level 4 employees.
  • Common Competency Training
    Featuring a common essential competency course, cyber theme course, instructor development course and staff training course, the company-wide common competence training gives cyber training to employees in order to share the same values across the board. The Cyber Theme course gives trainees various options, while the CS training is a mandatory course for all employees in order to achieve the industry-top position in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • Job Expertise Training
    Featuring job training, claims training, field experts training and sales training courses, it aims to cultivate the expertise, skills and competences of our employees. Customized to work procedures and different levels of insurance practicalities, the course helps employees develop expertise in their job duties.

Human Resources Develoment : Common Competence, Leadership, Job Expertise

  • Human Resource Development
  • Balancing Work and Life(this page)
  • Communication with Employees

Employee Welfare Policy

Employee Benefit Programs

Customer satisfaction originates from employee satisfaction.
With this knowledge, we strive for the best possible quality of life for our employees and offer industryleading payment schemes. In addition to legal welfare programs, such as the four basic forms of insurance coverage, we run various welfare programs, such as medical support for our employees' families and maternity leave.
In particular, we fully abide by the maternity protection regulations through our generous maternity leave policy.
Furthermore, Hyundai Insurance supports individual insurances for all employees within a range of 3% of monthly salary (within 50% of monthly premiums) and introduced a retirement pension system as of December 31, 2010, based on the Corporate Employee Retirement Compensation Act.
The company operates a retirement pension system to pay stable severance benefits at the time of retirement, maintaining a high ratio of external accumulation of pension. In addition to financial aid, we also offer subsidies and family-friendly welfare benefits

Family-Friendly Welfare Policies
Family-Friendly Welfare Policies
Welfare policy Description
Family Day Encourage all employees to leave work early to spend more time with family at home
Family travel for long-term service S Support for family travel to an overseas destination for employees in the 10th and
20th years of service
Leaving work early on birthdays Encourage employees to leave work early on their birthdays
Maternity leave Paid leave for up to 105 days before and after childbirth
Childcare leave Guaranteeing freedom of childcare leave without any disadvantage attached,
including counting the period as time served
Optional benefits Employees can choose benefits in various categories, such as education,
leisure and medical subsidies
Medical support Medical support for employees and their families
New Employee Family Night Event for the families of new employees
Kids Camp Culture camp for the children of employees and Hi Planners

Employee Health &Safety

The company offers annual physical checkups for employees based on the ILO Conventions and the related laws of Korea.
Beginning in 2011, an endoscopy of the large intestines is included in the checkups for employees over 40 years of age and their spouses.
We are also implementing hygiene programs to help protect employees against H1N1 flu virus and Yellow Dust contaminants, including distribution of masks and hand sanitizers and related training programs.
Matters regarding employee health and safety are handled by multiple departments with each taking responsibilities for related functions.

  • Human Resource Development
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Communication with Employees(this page)

Communication with Employees

Communication Systems

We encourage active communication among our employees by operating various communication channels, thereby establishing a trust-based corporate culture.
For a pleasant work environment, we host various regular programs to help our employees socialize with each other, thus fostering better understanding between them.

Employee Society Program
Employee Society Program
Channel Description
Hi -Day Objective A venue for exchanges through cultural events between employees and officers in charge of their
respective divisions
Participants All employees below team leader-level
Harmony Day Period annually
Objective A venue for free talking between the employees of two or more divisions
Participants All employees above team leader level at the headquarters
Into the Field I Period semi-annually
Objective Hyundai Insurance executives visit business departments to communicate the company vision and
management status, and hear the voices of field staff
Participants business departments and Claims Service Center
Into the Field II Period semi-annually
Objective executives from field offices visit the headquarters to talk about issues and the management status
of their locations, and help employees at headquarters to better understand the circumstances
in the field
Sales Support
Participants departments at headquarters that are unrelated to field offices
Period semi-annually
Objective hearing the voices of sales agents and reflecting their opinions in management policies
Participants CEO, department managers, branch managers, heads of business offices, facilitators
Period monthly

Online Communities
Online Communities
Channel Description
CS Praise Plaza With the objective of promoting a company culture where employees encourage praising each other and build trusting and friendly relationship, CS Praises Plaza provides a venue for colleagues to praise one another and praise customers. Selected cases are presented on the elevator walls at the headquarters and rewarded with incentives.
Hi-Opinion Executive officers post their profile within the company groupware and operate online communities where their management philosophy, vision and policy views are shared in order to build trusting and close relationship with employees.