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Shareholder Composition

The total number of issued Hyundai Insurance shares is 89,400,000 common shares, with the shareholder composition as follows:

Domestic shareholders 56%, Foreigners 44%, Insitutions 77%, Individuals 23%

※ AS of December 31, 2018

Communication with Shareholders

Hyundai Insurance discloses company information both on and offline in accordance with internal regulations and related laws for related information users as well as shareholders and investors, thus enabling easy access to appropriate information. We create face-to-face meeting opportunities with investors by holding quarterly company IR and annual general shareholders' meetings. We also improve access for investors and information users to investor information by disclosing quarterly financial status reports and management performance reports, and resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and Board of Directors. We will continue to enhance self-regulatory disclosures, such as active voluntary disclosures as well as routine ones such as IR and performance report data disclosures.

Value Distribution to Shareholders

Through sustainable growth and highly efficient management activities focused on making profits, Hyundai Insurance has been increasing the shares of all stakeholders, including shareholders. Through such efforts, Hyundai Insurance was able to achieve the highest-ever economic performance in sales and net income in 2017. Such achievements were made possible by the high interest and cooperation of shareholders and other stakeholders as well as efforts made by Hyundai Insurance. Going forward, we will continue to achieve sustainable economic achievements and return them to all stakeholders including shareholders and customers.