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  • Korea Brand Power Index logo
    Top Rank Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI) in Long-Term and Direct-Auto Insurance Categories
    Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance won the first place in long-term insurance for the sixth consecutive year and the direct-auto insurace category for the 3rd consecutive year in 2020 Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI) survey conducted by the Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC).
    Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), the 22nd year of this year, is the first brand management model developed by KMAC in Korea in 1998. It is an index that measures the brand power of products and services of each industry group representing Korea's consumer life.
  • Customer Satisfaction Award logo
    Customer Satisfaction Award (6-Consecutive-Year Winner)
    Hyundai Insurance was selected as a recipient of a KMAC Customer Satisfaction award, making 2012 the fifth year for receiving the award since 2007. Korea's most recognized award of its kind since being initiated in 1993, the KMAC Customer Satisfaction awards are given to companies demonstrating customer-centric business practices based on a customer satisfaction philosophy. Hyundai Insurance was selected as a recipient for this award in recognition for its focus on customer satisfaction, by both the industry and customers.
  • GCSI logo
    Top Rank on GCSI in Long-Term and Auto Insurance Categories
    Hyundai was ranked number one in the 2020 GCSI (Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index) published by GMA, in the long-term and auto insurance categories. Beginning from 2005, annual GCSI results are based on survey data collected from 100,000 consumers, in nine industries covering 762 product categories. Hyundai is a twelve-consecutive-year fist-place winner in the long-term insurance category and sixteen-consecutive-year first-place winner in the auto insurance category.
  • Global Management Award logo
    Global Management Award (10-Consecutive-Year Winner)
    Hyundai was named a 10-Consecutive Winner of the 2015 JMAC Global Business Award in the Customer Satisfaction category. Established in 2003, the award is given to corporations that demonstrate excellence in global strategy implementation and contribution to the global market. The award is recognition for Hyundai Insurance's achievements as a global leader in customer satisfaction management.
    1st Place in KSI Evaluation, Services and Finances Non-Life Insurance Category
    Hyundai was ranked first place in the 2020 KSI (Korean Sustainability Index) evaluation, in the financial services non-life Insurance category. KSI evaluates Korean corporations, using publicly disclosed materials and data for each corporation, without allowing the candidates to submit opinions or additional materials.
  • Top 100 Great Workplaces in Korea Award logo
    Top 100 Great Workplaces in Korea Award (10-Consecutive-Year Winner)
    Hyundai Insurance received a 2017 Great Workplace award from GWP (Great Workplace) Korea. The company has received the award for seven consecutive years. Korea's Top 100 Great Workplaces are selected based on a comprehensive survey and analysis, using the same tools and method as for thirty countries around the world. Hyundai Insurance scored especially high in the areas of culture of verbal compliments, communication channels, and employees' participation in community service activities.