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    Credit Ratings

    Credit Ratings content
    Agency Rating & Outlook Significance
    S&P A-
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    S&P evaluates credit ratings for all kinds of institutions including governments,
    corporations and financial debts such as bonds and loans based on its objective
    assessment standards and wide global network.
    We received 'A-' from S&P as we are expected to maintain the current capitalization on
    the back of our well-established business franchise, stable operating performance and
    modest business growth.
    A.M.Best A
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    A.M.Best is the oldest, most authoritative insurance rating agency that assigns credit
    ratings based on company's insurance underwriting capability, management ability, as
    well as its financial performance.
    The 'A' credit rating is a reflection of that we have performed a series of successful
    underwriting deals based on our stable market position and improved capital adequacy
    through these deals.

    Change in Credit Ratings

    Change in Credit Ratings
    Class S&P A.M.Best
    2020 A- A
    2019 A- A
    2018 A- A
    2017 A- A
    2016 A- A
    2015 A- A
    2014 A- A
    2013 A- A
    2012 BBB+ A
    2011 BBB+ A-
    2010 BBB+ A-
    2009 BBB+ A-